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As a service to our colleagues in the library community, we are now offering all of our colorized clip art graphics free!

Due to the overwhelming response to our free clip art offer, we are are limiting the number of graphics we supply to one image per person per month. We are a small company and we have a limited amount of time and resources for providing this free service-- we never imagined it would be so popular. We hope you understand.

You can review the entire color image collection by browsing our catalog sheets. There are 11 sheets of graphics which can be viewed online or printed out for future reference. When you select a particular image, make a note of the image title and send us an e-mail requesting the graphic. We will send you an EPS file, suitabe for importing or placing into most of the popular editing and design software programs used today.

Although we are offering the graphics free, the copyrighted images are still the property of Chris Olson & Associates. By accepting the free graphic, you are bound by the agreement outlines in the usage guidelines.

We also have fine variations of the international library symbol -- also free for everyone to use.

If you need numerous color graphics immediately, you might want to consider ordering Olson's Library Clip Art on CD. and coloring the images yourself. The CD contains more than 690 B&W graphics (Olson's Library Clip Art, Volumes 1-4) and is reasonably priced at $99.00!

LibraryClipArt.com is a free service provided by Chris Olson & Associates. For promotion ideas, resources, and marketing tips, be sure to sign-up to receive our free monthly newsletter, Marketing Treasures.


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Updated 11/25/06

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