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Library Symbol Icons

As a service to the international library community, we provide GIF files of the official Library Symbol adopted by the American Library Association. There is no cost for this service or for the files.

Library Symbol Library symbol with border


There are two variations of the symbol. One with a border, and the other without the border. The original graphic is black and white. We have also created 87 different color combinations of the library symbol to use in your web site.

The GIFs of the library symbol may be copied to your desktop and used in your web sites. They are free! To alter the size of the symbol, use a software program to make minor size modifications.

We are preparing a copy of the original American Library Association usage guidelines for the symbol and will post it on this page as a PDF file for downloading. Since the original document is not in electronic format (it was typed and assembled by hand!), it will take us a few weeks to pull it together. We'll announce it's availability on our News page.

The symbol is listed in most international symbol guides available for purchase from bookstores. If you have additional questions about the symbol, we recommend you speak to the folks in the Public Information Office at the American Library Association.

Please place the symbol graphic on your own web server. Do not link to the GIF on our website; we do not have the bandwidth to support your website! (We change the urls periodically of our symbol pages to break unauthorized links.)

Symbol Sourcebook

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